Ok folks it has been quiet here for over two months.  Is any thing going on at all  with the Utica?

How about the old Clinton wells, what is going on with them?

See Halcon is still operating their wells. 

Let's talk it up a little and see if we can figure out when we think oil and gas prices will improve and hopefully we will then begin to see something happening around this part of Ohio!!!

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That's a very good question to ask MJ.

When do (some or most) of these (Utica) leases expire in your neck of the woods (Trumbull Co.) ?

Been reading about CHK (in spite of their difficult times we've all read and / or are reading about) are renewing a number of their leases to the south and in PA (or have renewed them a little earlier).

Noting they can't sell or mortgage them if they don't own them.

Would like to hear about what's happening insofar as renewals go in the north.
Are we being ignored MJ ?

Or just no activity ?

Just wondering.

I am hbp so I don't know.

Thanks for your post and replies Robert.

Lookin' for any info. all the time.

Things just don't look very encouraging at the moment.  Oil needs to stabilize above $60.00 to encourage more drilling in my opinion.

I think we need our legislators to write law to allow (some of) it to be sold on the world market (to grow development / drilling).

Also, I think passage of the Keystone XL pipeline would promote more drilling / development, as more NGLs / diluents would be made available (to send to Canada to be used to dilute their Canadian Oil Sands production) allowing pumping the diluted production to our (USA) refineries.

Just the way I think things stack up.

However, I also (of course) think that you're correct Robert in that higher market prices for crude would promote more drilling / development.

Good luck to all of us, I still think we need it.

Good question.  To the best of my knowledge Halcon still has the drill pad built at Lutz's and renewed the permit not too long ago.


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