Last week on CNBC's Mad Money, Jim Cramer had on the CEO of Halcon, Floyd Wilson, and they discussed two new shale plays that have huge potential. Cramer explained that Halcon was still building its lease hold in the two plays and was keeping it quiet for now.The next night, Cramer had on the CEO of a business that does core sample analysis for several O & G companies, Core Business I think it was. He also said he knew of the two new shale plays yet to be announced but is sworn to secrecy.

That means that there are two areas where landowners don;t know just what potential they have and Halcon is leasing them up at bargain rates. They also don't want other companies to compete in these areas and drive up prices.

Any idea where these are? What undiscovered shales could this be?  I'm gonna guess that southern Illinois and Indiana is one of them but thats just a guess.

And if these two plays are big enough, how would that affect Ohio and Pa Utica/Marcellus? Would it draw away attention and money?

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There's always a Next Big Thing.  There's always a company or two who are way ahead and get a cheap lease position. 

Marcus; No doubt every O & G would love to have sole knowledge of the "next big play." That gives one a huge financial advantage. Its what Range did in sw Pa with the first Marcellus well.  Its what CHK did before people knew anything about the Utica.  I just think it would be good for land owners/rights owners to know what they have. Just trying to level the playing field.

It isn't a real thread until Frank trolls it.

At least he tries to add some information to this discussion, Frank added two replies and I feel dumber reading them!

Any geoligists or geology buffs out there who care to fill us in?

I can name for you several possible shale plays, none of which I know much about beyond their names, locations and a little history.  There are dozens of possible plays.  They all require a lot of thorough investigating by the E&P's out there.  Most of them are not major, booming plays.  Most end up like the Antrim, which has produced nicely for more than two decades, but isn't the sort of bonanza that the Marcellus is.

Looks like the path to energy independence is being blazed by hydraulic fracturing! Exciting times to be living in. New York better get it's head out of the sand and start moving forward before they are left in the dust.....if they haven't been already.

New York is a mess.  Highest taxes in the country but wait.... they are offering tax-free zones to encourage business!!!  Wouldn't you just love to be the existing company that has to compete with the untaxed, newcos?   

Just take a gander at NYC's new mayor.   His election speaks volumes.

NY & CA are a total wreck!





                                                        screw New York  !!!!!!

so you janice and c-x moving out 

New York will allow fracing when they get a 20% severance on top of income taxes. They need the money for the Children after all!


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