Last week on CNBC's Mad Money, Jim Cramer had on the CEO of Halcon, Floyd Wilson, and they discussed two new shale plays that have huge potential. Cramer explained that Halcon was still building its lease hold in the two plays and was keeping it quiet for now.The next night, Cramer had on the CEO of a business that does core sample analysis for several O & G companies, Core Business I think it was. He also said he knew of the two new shale plays yet to be announced but is sworn to secrecy.

That means that there are two areas where landowners don;t know just what potential they have and Halcon is leasing them up at bargain rates. They also don't want other companies to compete in these areas and drive up prices.

Any idea where these are? What undiscovered shales could this be?  I'm gonna guess that southern Illinois and Indiana is one of them but thats just a guess.

And if these two plays are big enough, how would that affect Ohio and Pa Utica/Marcellus? Would it draw away attention and money?

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Here in Lawrence and beaver counties we have them. Can't speak for Washington.


what about northeastern eastern columbiana county.....we are a few miles from beaver county?

I suggest checking out the Columbiana County group. I'm sure someone there can answer your questions.

Thanks....I don't see any mention of this in the Columbiana group.  I am hoping anyway since we are so close to the pa border

Eastern Carroll county!

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I drive a truck out of columbus everyday. I head over to indiana and for about the last 2 weeks I've seen lots of drill pipe, parts of a drill rigs, small convoys of haliburton trucks all headindg west and numerous oil field pickup trucks. They all have PA license plates on them. When I first started to spot them out I thought that something was going on. I hope those people have been paying attention

St Croix;  what part of Indiana?  I have friends with acreage along the Indiana/Ohio border. Is there any activity along the border?

Not sure of any Utica wells being drilled in Washington County, Pa., the Utica is thick and rich in organic matter but due to its depth it will be a dry gas.  Washington County is being drilled into the Marcellus and recently the Upper Devonian for the wet gas.  The Upper Devonian is looking very promising.  Consol also does a lot of coal bed methane drainage wells.  10 years ago Consol made more money from the coal bed methane drainage than they made mining coal.  Wells and pipelines are going in everywhere!  Texas license plates everywhere!

Once all the land is held by production, Utica wells will be drilled!


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