Received my first royalty statement. Trying to understand what I am reading. Went to their website and they do not have a royalty statement for dummies tutorial. Does any one know if they or any one else has info or a website that will lead to understanding what I am seeing?

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I've learned every company has a different royalty statement. Your best bet is to try to contact Gulfport yourself but I wouldn't expect much of an explanation. 

The October royalty statement was a particular head-scratcher. I called GPOR for an explanation. The lady on the phone said she'd have someone from finance call. I am still waiting. Looks like they made massive adjustments going back to January. Why? I don't know. May go down as one of life's great mysteries!

The big question for Oct. is why they only paid $2.12 for dry gas.

that was\is one of my questions, since were still in October (2018) and production is ongoing, why is there payment for this month?

My statement and payment goes back to date of initial production oct 17.

Gulfport's payments are offset by two months. For instance, the October check (dated 9/28/2018) covers production in July. My statement shows $2.18/mcf for July production. Then there are a myriad of adjustments for previous months. The price paid is based on specific lease language, as interpreted by GPOR.


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