I have a friend that a drill is about to start in his unit -pool but the two legs do not go under his land but he is in the unit .the question is will he still recieve roylities from the drill. I told i believe so?

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In Ohio ?   If so and he's  in a declared unit  of however many acres , then it does not have to go under his land to receive royaties 

Yes   ohio he is in a 640 unit and has around 45 acres in it.He said he thought the acres that legs went under would get the royaties .and i told him the hole unit would.

Ok thanks

After talking to my buddy let me put this another way.He said the declared unit of 153 acres includes 1 acre of his land thats one leg.However the other leg of this unit is 146 acres are in the 640 pool ALSO THE UNIT HE SIGNED YEARS AGO.I guess the question would be 146 and 153 is just the drill unit or production unit but everone in the 640 would get royaties from this drill? and i said yes . Thanks
Does anyone know the answer to the above question? Thanks

He needs to see the declaration of pooled unit (production unit) at the recorders office. He may have received a copy.  If the pooled unit is 640 acres (more or less) then everyone in that 640 acres receives royalties from that unit from each well ... approximately three wells in Ohio.  The amount of acres you have in the production unit (not drilling unit which is on odnr and the 146 and 153 you speak about ...not relevant for payment just for odnr to document set back etc) are divided by the total acres in the unit then multiplied by the percent royalty.  So for example if he has 45 acres most of which is in the drilling unit of one well but 1 acre in the other drilling unit.  All 45 in the 640 (see exact size of unit on declaration and also division orders) acre production unit so he gets 45/640 x 17.5% (for example).  This is his multiplier.  When the product is sold that multiplier will be used to calculate his share of the royalties.  If there are deductions they will come off.  This should be on the check stub ... Chesapeake I know it is but have not seen other check stubs.  Example of check stubs you can see online.  http://www.chk.com/Owners/Pages/CheckStub.aspx

Great answer ,THank you
I have a friend that's in the Parker unit.He was told by Chesapeake that he wouldn't get roylaties because it doent go under his land? And he still on the the old 640 agreement where they all share what's drilled in the unit .i think they are trying pull one on him?
So what you guys think about this one is he getting taken?


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