That area is pretty well booked up.  However, Lyon and Schrumhearst, mid twp east, have

been declared.Some leases in Lyon had May 2014 exprations but do have wells "capable" of commercial production, just not tired-in yet.  Anyone out there with insight?

Also, we assumed Circle Z started producing in tha fall, but no production was DEP reported pre yr end 2013.  Might anyone know if it is now in prod?



Aside, if you knw how to read completion reports/plat permit maps you can know which formtion is being targeting.

In SE Bradford all production is coming from the Marcellus, though there may be some exxperimentation going on with entry points, lower for sure an mamaybe upper.

Thermal maturity limits gas in place if it is too high. %Ro in the area is 2.9 to 3.4, high, heding to 4 it becomes CO2. As you drill deeper, %Ro rises and rises, perfect correlation, thus the Utica or nearby, much deeper, are not perspective.



Hope this post ends in the Bradford Slot. 



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