I currently have a signed lease in Sullivan county which will be five years old come July of 2013. I have not received notification of being placed in  a unit, however, I recently received a letter from a private companywanting to buy my mineral rights. They stated I was in a specific unit which has a well that was drilled 2 years ago. My question is who can I call besides Chesapeake, the lease holder to verify if in fact I was placed in a unit. Also, if lease runs out after 5 years and I am not placed in a unit, I was told the lease can be re-negociated. Can they legally shut me out or others in the same situation around me by not re-signing a new lease?

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Hi Melvin,

You can check in your local county courthouse for a declaration of pooled unit that might have been filed.

Notice I say MIGHT have been filed. We are in two units in Lycoming and Clinton Counties One units paperwork was filed promptly the other not even sure if it was filed to this day...

As far as your question regarding renegotiating your lease if there is no activity on the leased acreage within the five year term that would depend if the well this company that is trying to buy your mineral rights exists. If it does and there is a clause in your lease that holds the lease if drilling activity took place. Best to have a good lawyer look in to it for you.

Also consider long and hard before selling all or portions of your mineral rights. We had these companies at our door waving big checks. At this time we are glad we sent them on their way!!   

  Eric is correct, your unit may or may not have been recorded. If you are in fact in a unit you will be held by production in your present lease as long as the well or other wells in that unit is capable of production. You will be paid a shut-in royality, typically $5/acre/year until the well actually is put on-line.

Thanks for info guys. I had no intentions of selling rights period. I have yet to contact my O&G lease lawyer on this, which I intend to do. However, it  is my understanding that by law the leasor must be notified by the leasee in writing of being placed in a unit prior to the expiration of the 5 year lease period or all bets are off. If there is no well activity, they have the option to renew prior to the 5 year expiration for another 5 years as long as they notify leasor in writing. I nor other neighbors have received any written notification of being placed in a unit. I am in process of checking with courthouse on assigned unit if any.

Currently the well pad in place is not operating or online. Your input is greatly appreciated.

I too have a CHK lease that expires in July 2013 in Sullivan County, Fox Township.  What township is your property?  You can check on the internet if you are in the unit.  What company sent you the letter?

I am in Cherry twp. and the unit is Yengo east. The letter was from PENNMARC. I do not live in the area so can anyone tell me if the gathering pipline has been started or the status?. This also crosses my property.

You can ask CHK about the status of your well and the pipeline since they are the well owners. You can find their email and phone number on their homepage.  Penmarc is a mineral company that buys mineral rights.  How much did they offer you for your royalty rights?  

melvin, landex.com the online courthouse record site, lists you as being in the yengo east unit. go to that site and search in the webstore with your last name and county. you can see the first page of the document at no cost by clicking on the document number listed

 Last year, the first indication most of the members of a unit that I'm aware of rec'd is a check for delayed rental for the next year. It had been recorded in the courthouse, but no one was notified until they started questioning why the checks.


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