Does anyone know of any oil/gas companies interested in Erie County PA.  Enervest has been through a couple of times leasing the knox gas but they are not interested in Utica.  Also does anyone know if gas lease professionals is still in business.

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They say they have leased over 2000 acres in the area near Adameck#1.

and that are happy with the results of the well but have not given out any specific

information about results. The fact that they continue to lease land is encouraging.

The owner of the Adameck#1 well has put the project on hold in order to sort out

some internal problems before moving ahead with production.  The test results, although not made public, indicated that it is a productive well situation.  The well has not been flow tested but inquiries have been made to hook up to natural gas distribution lines.  They did drill through the Utica but have not make test results public.  The well is a vertical well but has been permited as an "unconventional well"

but the cost of horizontal drilling of an unconventional well is much more expensive than a conventional well.  My guess is that this is going to take some time before they go to the next step.

Is thereany activity near Corry?

No, nothing going on near Corry.  Rex was doing some leasing a year ago, looking to pick up bargains.  No activity now.  Sit back and wait, it's down there, they just don't need it yet - or at least they are not willing to strike a fair deal for it.

I am not sure.  I live near edinboro.

We live in southern Erie county and signed up with a large company but our old neighbor with the largest parcel would not sign and nixed the deal so now we are still open with our acerage

What company was interested?

Chevrron they offered $1000 per acre 18% and needed the 640 acres that is here

What are the lease terms?  Is this for Uitca formation or Rose run?

I wonder whats down in the deeper formation in southern erie county. In about 1982 some wells were drilled about a mile away from our property at about 2800 ft and did good one farmer had 3 wells that brought him over $20,000  per month another farmr sold all his cows after hitting a good one he said they hit a wall of gas. Some wells at this depth were very good and some were just ok for the time but no deeper wells have been tested. In the area where we live no wells have been drilled because the farmers who owned our property and acreage in this area would not sign a lease at the time.

Another thing that I was just pondering is if the largest landerholder in this 600 + acres with no wells dont want any rigs on his property how much more should I get if they use our property to place the well ? 

Enervest just finished a vertical well last week on Mohawk and Francis Rds. (Pertl 1) They are calling it a dry hole. I wonder if all these dry holes are just stratographic wells for information on future development?


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