Does anyone know of any oil/gas companies interested in Erie County PA.  Enervest has been through a couple of times leasing the knox gas but they are not interested in Utica.  Also does anyone know if gas lease professionals is still in business.

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Erie County has its own site. We may want to use it for automatic updates on your e-mail for Erie County gas and oil discussions.

It only takes a second to join any group. That way you will only get a notice of activity on the area you are interested in.

I think we are talking about two different things Chip. As a landowner I am interested in using this website's resources to find out what is happening in my immediate area which is Erie Co. Pa.

Joe, imo you have the right idea.  If you are a landowner in Erie County it is in your interest to promote Erie County.  Emkey Energy an Erie company in April 2013 purchased over 20+ gas leases in the Wattsburg area over 1,400 acres.  They recently acquired $37million dollars of assets of the Norse Company and they build

gas distribution lines in Pennsylvania and New York.  As you know the first test well

in Erie County, Adameck#1 drilled a 7200' unconventional well in Greenfield.

The Erie County Economic Development Authority under John Elliott are working on plans to develop the Port of Erie to make Erie a shipping port to transport natural gas and natural gas supplies to main distribution markets (east coast large cities and overseas).  The Utica under Erie County is larger than the Marcellus and things will happen here in Erie County.  The question is "when" and timing is everything.  Right now the Marcellus area is getting the play but

Erie County Dev Auth is talking with players like EMKey to give incentives to drill in Erie County.  These things take time but activity is in the works.  This activity needs to be exposed to add momentum and put the spotlight on Erie County but right now the spotlight is on the Marcellus because it is easier to develop and more infrastructure is already in place.  Erie County is on the horizon.

Here is a Pa pipeline map and a NFG pipeline that is close to our property in Southern Erie County


George did you lease your land?. If so , with who?Do you know what they were offering ? I too am in the wattsburg area and don't have a lease as of yet.

Seneca Farms is a 270 acre parcel in Wattsburg on Phillipsville Rd.,

& Page Road.  It was leased years ago and has a private Medina Well currently not producing much gas.  The lease was purchased by EmKeyEnergy who also purchased 20+ other leases in the Wattsburg area  The well in Greenfield Twnship.just drilled a test well down past the Utica.  They are having internal problems

but claim the well will be a producing well.  There are no offers in this area that I am aware.  Until the results of Adameck#1 test well is known I don't know of anyone planning to drill.  EmkeyEnergy purchased 20+ wells in that area but the price of gas is below $4.00 and my guess the gas companies are waiting until gas is more profitable.

Thank you for the info! Keep me posted if you hear of anyone coming to the area!  I can't wait hear about that well, I hope it's a gusher! Honestly I think this location is sitting on oil.

What "incentives" is the   Erie County Development  Authority  offering to drill in Erie County?

The ECDA is working on a plan to make Erie a viable port shipping area

which will allow the gas industry as well as other industries to ship heavy material over the water rather than impact our roads.  This will give the natural gas industry access to large east coast markets and overseas markets.  The closer natural gas wells are to distribution lines and shipping areas the cheaper distribution lines and sales shipping costs the more incentive to drill in that area.  Also building distribution lines for marketing natural gas the more gas companies will look to that area for drilling opportunities.  Getting gas to markets is a concern for all well locations.  It is in the interest of Erie County to attract business to

Erie County, supporting the gas industry will bring more of these high paying jobs to Erie County.  The electric power from Canada, the Port of Erie, the newly developing gas industry will help make this area better suited to attract new manufacturing and industry.  Support of all of those activities are incentives for the gas industry to look at drilling in Erie County.


I dont know of any drillers lately all the shallow wells that have been drilled in the early 80s are mostly still producing supplying National Fuel pipeline for this area


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