Does anyone know of any oil/gas companies interested in Erie County PA.  Enervest has been through a couple of times leasing the knox gas but they are not interested in Utica.  Also does anyone know if gas lease professionals is still in business.

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Wondering how tough it is to extend a shallow well into the Utica Point Pleasant interval and fracture the bottom of the hole ?

If there were enough of them close enough together to fracture maybe they wouldn't have to drill and fracture long horizontals.

Just wondering - anything to be gained ?

There's a plethera of shallow Clinton wells in Ashtabula County Ohio also.

In this area they are on about the 3rd or fourth owners of the shallow wells the first that were the drillers pumped them hard made lots of money then sold to new owners they made there money then sold out again and the 3rd or 4th owners who ran plastic lines inside the rusted out steel lines  and pumping gas still these shallow wells in the area where they had drilled are over 40 years old Im sure they are not as good as they once were. And how long will the casing last before it rusts out


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