I just want to be clear that this is a map I made using the ITG information as a base map. I would be happy to discuss my findings.


Another map - https://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/97616115?profil...

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Wha' ?

Good luck to you and all of us friend.


John J Interval:

Nice post - thanks. I know the PP/Utica thins as you head south into Athens and Meigs counties but your conclusions do kindle a bit of hope for those in far eastern Athens county and the east half of Meigs county. Would you concur? Perhaps the last area to be drilled but still some hope as technologies improve and the easy stuff is already extracted?

I do.
Thanks -
In addiition, check out the conodont alteration index map (USGS) and compare it to pressure map. You will find they are quite similar. The maturity of the sediment is the overpressure driver. Since there is no vitrinite in these Devonian rocks the CAI provides a nice maturity indicator.
Unconventional resources 101
Another is a Yield map (Bbls/mmcfg) ..
another decent maturity indicator. The Yield is the inverse of GOR. Works great in the Eagle Ford where Yield is almost linear with measured depth. Function of a uniform subsiding basin and a well behaved geothermal gradient.
I also used .6 gradient to identify mature.source rocks. For me anything greater than 0.6 was an ndicator that some oil was.cracked to gas and provide added pressure leading to superior initial production.
The term ''Cherry Picking' comes to mind.
I get that it's simpler / most economical to take advantage of geo-pressure to bring the production up to the surface and harvest.

But I'm also thinking there's got to be tons of product awaiting harvest between the higher gradient hot spots.

I'm also thinking they already know how they can get it if they want it.

It's looking to me like it's only a matter of time.

.6 pressure gradient or thermal maturity/Ro?

Joseph--Storing the oil till later?  I hear that all the time from landowners who don't understand the economics of oil production.  So you've spent $8-10 million to drill and complete a well that found oil, but you aren't going to produce/sell the oil while you wait for higher prices?  No one does that.  The sunk costs and opportunity costs are too great.  If they were just going to sit and wait for higher oil prices, why spend the $8-10 million to drill the well now?


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