Anyone have any idea of the fair value of a valve site easement (Pennsylvania)?

I've already signed a ROW easement for pipeline through my land, now I have been approached about an easement for an above ground site valve on my property as well.

Any input--pros, cons, etc.--would be appreciated.


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Just remember that, use of the property is gone forever. How much is that worth to you? I suppose it also depends on how much property.

Mark and Ted,

Along the line of what Mark said, we were able to place the following addendum in our easement.


Grantee agrees in the event of complete non-use of the pipeline by Grantee or its successors or assigns for a period of four (4) consecutive years, this Easement shall be considered abandoned.  Grantee shall furnish at its expense, upon receipt of written request from Grantor, a release of the Easement.  In this event, grantee shall have the right to abandon the pipeline in place or remove the pipeline.  The time during which Grantee fails to use the pipeline due to: (i) authorized acts or orders of federal or state government; (ii) strikes; or (iii) the exercise of shut-in rights under an oil and gas lease shall not be included in calculating the four (4) year period for abandonment.

My kids or my grandchildren may thank us for getting that in there.



I have heard around 10k , that's what we were offered by MW but declined. They countered with 10K plus 4k for each additional valve if they put more pipes in. So the total would have been 22k for 5 valves. plus 5/ft for permanent access road. We turned them down as we did not want it where they proposed.

I have also been approached about a valve site on my property along with the ROW.  How it was explained to me that the valve would be on the ROW and no additional land was to be lease unless they needed to cut into the pipeline to install the valve.

The plus side is that they must be interested in having a separation plant on your land or they would not need the future tap-in valve., which is alot more money for a long time.  they did offer me several thousand for this 100 ft by 100 ft  tap-in site

They just wanted to put emergency shut off valves on our ROW. 75x100 fenced in area. They tried to say the same, we aren't taking anymore land line too. But there is a big difference in buried lines and fenced in area, it was not worth the little money they offered us.

Thanks for the input everyone. Are tap site and valve site one in the same?

And Steven, what exactly is a separation plant? I am already close to the new facility in New Middletown.


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