Throughout the last decade I have dealt with an issue, personal; but through interaction I found other’s were confused and bewildered as I. It seems most NG sites have vanished in this time. In the beginning of the NG frenzy another landowner in the CNY area was trying to wrap his head around losing 10 acre’s of his land. A survey had been performed on adjoining property and the surveyor moved the property line. Well before we could put our heads together, the web master that had just acquired control of the site, deleted me. “Oops, I’m sorry, you will have to set yourself up as a new user.” That was a decade ago. Since that time I have discovered and learned a lot.
It seems that there is a falsification being applied to land surveys in central NY. I can only image that wherever energy is being harvested, this ‘land shift’ is going on. I am attempting to get a grasp on the magnitude of it. If anyone else has experienced such travesty in their lives and want to share a ‘Y or N’ to this question, eMail your answer to me at
It does not matter the location, it just so happens I am in NY. I may be able to share my research with you and scare you with my having peeled back the curtain and glimpsed the wizard.

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Not a personal experience, but at the peak of the drilling I met a few folks while working in very rural WV that claimed the county accessor admittedly forged their names after unknown to them property line disputes with neighbors.  Just happened the land in dispute had multiple companies pipelines being plowed in with three adjacent ROWs.  The folks just assumed they had no rights in the matter and had no plans to contest it.

On a personal note. I noticed while living in WV and again in Ohio having signed easements for county water coming thru, that the new water line gave the county and township a much wider right of way for the road.  Doesn’t seem like much but when you add up the thousands of miles of roads over time it is a tremendous land grab.  Was worse in Ohio.  We have a narrow township road and they put the line in about 12’ from the edge of the road.  I think they have 5’ on either side of the water line so they got an extra 17’ of control of the land.  


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