eFACTS reporting two new SWEPI wells in Mercer County.  One in Fairview township and one in Millcreek township.  Our area(north central and northeast Mercer Co.)has been crawling with seismic trucks and well activity.  Shell is apparently not wasting any time putting their new leaseholds to work.

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I saw the 2 new permit applications that you reference above.  I haven't seen the seismic trucks yet, but I have seen the "aeromagnetic" plane flying around in a grid pattern.  Makes you wonder if Mercer Co is going to get busy in the next year or two.  

It seems that Lawrence and Mercer Counties are getting more and more mentions in general.  Should be interesting to see how things shake out.  

This is exciting to me . How about some of you folks who live in this area posting to keep this thread going. I want to get updates and residents of the area ought to have the best information.

I have property In Fairview, Deleware, Findley, and Pine Twps. in Mercer County. All but Pine is Leased to HilCorp. I have heard nothing since leasing. The property in Pine is leased to Shell. Have heard nothing there either. If I do I'll let you guys know. Our home farms are in Sliperry Rock Twp., Lawrence County. Shell owns it. They are taking their time, as they are in the exploratory stage, as in Mercer County. Word is (from Shell) they are having a meeting the 1st of the year to decide if they are going to go from exploratory to production. Shell keeps their production results under wraps pretty tight, so we'll see what happens.

I live in mercer county sandycreek twp. I had a rep from halcon stop by to fix a problem with my leaae. He claims payments will start to be made next week?

My sister got here money yesterday. 10 acs. near Jamestown, Pa.


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