After DUX paid no leases, John Wells and SOEC encouraged landowners to sign leases in favor of VORTEX ENERGY LLC.  Like DUX, Vortex seems to be a company with no assets, no history of drilling wells, no telephone number, etc. etc. I wonder how many suckers signed leases in favor of this so-called O&G company which was only formed in 2013? I hope such individuals are very few in number.

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What is the current situation with Vortex...?  Were they able to sign leases in Athens/ Washington Counties in OH?  Has the time allowed for payment lapsed?  Can you fill us in a bit?  There is nothing on the SOEC website about a deal with Vortex...

I don't have the answers which is why I started the thread. I do know that SOEC and Wells almost immediately started promoting Vortex after DUX failed. See thread "Historic Failure Tries It Again". I believe the traveling road show was also taken into West Virginia as I recently received an inquiry about Vortex from a man whose family owns 2500 acres in West Virginia. Also if you google Vortex from GMS website, I believe you will find a response by Antero to Vortex from 3 or 4 months ago.


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