Does anyone have any info on WELFLER well on sykes ridge? These people keep drilling and fracking and drilling and fracking for months on end. Got checks for 3 months last year and they stopped do to no production. But yet theres been rigs up there for months and much activity, any info on this will help. No one seems to know anything.thanks

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have you contacted the producer and ask questions???

They said they don't have any updates..its not in their computer yet.

they fed you a pack of lies .......if they have been drilling and fracking every move is in their computers so many department can see the well site progress

Yeah, something is strange, because I called statoil again today and they said no updates since feb of this year.....the women said she would call me back and still no one has called. Time to get a lawyer to find out what the hell is going on i guess.

So update, she called me back and said that our well was abandoned? Pardon me but there is a lot of activity on that pad, they have been drilling for weeks and weeks and now theres flaming..she said that the well has been plugged. I don't think they know their head from their feet. I don't think that information is up to date.

They finished drilling 3 new Weffler wells a few months ago. Halliburton just finished fracking them. You can see the permits on the ODNR's website. Then they just finished drilling on the R&D pad and now they are drilling our 2 wells. Both Utica. You need to ask for Stats landman when you call them. He can fill you in on everything or message me and I can give you his info.

Ok thanks, can you give me the Landmans name and number so I don't have to put myself thru the phone call down there and get someone else who doesn't know what the hell is going on......thank you!


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