I am  one of many heirs that share an interest in about 100 mineral acres in PA.  I have a good lease with a Marcellus only depth clause but they now want to start drilling in the Utica so I need a new lease.  My fear is that they will want to change or delete some of the addendums in my original lease.  For example, take out the no deductions clause or lower royalty etc. 

I've tried researching this and understand what may happen in other states, however, I can't find any info on what would happen in PA if I didn't sign the lease.  I only have about 8 net mineral acres out of 100, so I am assuming, not much leverage.  Do they have to make a good faith effort?

Can someone please explain the process to me?

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Has the operator drilled Marcellus wells? 

You mentioned they want to drill Utica, so they would need to take a new lease for your Utica depths. Has the Landman showed you a proposed map? If not, ask for one. 

but first, need to know if the operator drilled Marcellus and you’re collecting from it. 
This will make a big difference. 


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