What is a "CAUV  tax"? never heard of that.

also, re: taxes some people have mentioned that landowners may have their property taxes changed from residential to COMMERCIAL. (i'm mainly referring to an easement for a pipeline.)

anyone hear of that?


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ok, i googled it. don't know why i didn't do that first…

it means:  Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV)

sounds like it's only in ohio?


dont' know re: PA.

I haven't heard of this in PA.  Where are you located Frank?   I am in Susquehanna county, Rush area.

i'm also in susq., in Brackney.

been reading a bit re: pipelines (and drilling), but pipeline right now since they want one thru our property.

i'm prob. OVER READING, but there's a lot to consider.


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