I am 98% sure our property will be in a unit of a well that is in the process of being drilled right now.  Out of 8 legs, three are already in process.  What is the time frame from start to finish on receiving royalty checks? 6, 8 or even 12 months from start date?  Thanks!

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98% sure?  You should either 100% know you are or are not in a unit.  You don't say what state you are in, but in Ohio, if you go to the ODNR map and look up your property and the well(s) in question, after the well was granted a permit (but before they start work), a plat map will have been submitted that shows the well layout, the unit layout, and what parcels are in the unit and how many acres and everything.

For example, if you go here:  https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/website/dog/oilgasviewer/  and zoom in to Harrison County, Nottingham Twp, you will see a cluster of blue wells (blue means permitted) near the east end of Clendening Reservoir.  With the information box open, clicking on the RH BSA N NTG HR 1H well head (the southernmost dot of the wells that go off to the north), click on the well summary report and then open the plat pdf and it shows you who is included.  https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/Website/DOG/WellSummaryCard.asp?api=3406721...

As for time frame, there can be a big variation between permit issuance and drilling start date.  I'm seeing some start right away and others sit there for months before drilling begins.

After the well is drilled, then fracked, IF the downstream infrastructure is in place, then it can go into production.  I'm hearing that a normal timeframe is about 6 months from start of drilling to first royalty check, but I'm sure there is some variance there, not only well to well, but company to company.

Carl, I do have a plat maps from the DEP showing that several of the well legs run right threw the middle of our property.  The 98% sure comment is  because we have not heard anything official from Hilcorp yet.  The drilling has already began, the rig is there now.

could be upwards of 12-18 months before you see a check. GOOD LUCK

From filing of the drilling permit, to well pad construction, to drilling & completion, and pipelining - close to a year to year and a half here in PA.  EQT is probably the slowest, Rice Energy is the fastest.  Everyone else is in between.

I'm in a hilcorp unit also. The rig arrived in October of 2012 and we received our first check in June. That well went into production in January so the first check was for a 5 month period. After that we began to receive checks on a monthly basis. So all in all it was roughly 8 months. Your experience may vary since more pipeline is in place, your gas may make it to market sooner.

Ragnars Repo, I like your answer best lol.  A year and a half seems like a long time to me. My area is pretty active (Pulaski Pa) & the pipeline is almost finished.    8 months sounds like a good time frame to me, thanks.

I'm probably just over the hill from you. Hope you all get a gusher there.


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