What is typically louder? Frack pumps/fracking or compressor stations?

I posted a while back about Beech resources considering putting in a compressor station about 4800' from our new home on the next ridge over (I'm at 1000', then a valley, then the compressor would be at about 1010' directly south of us). Beech bought 14 acres from the landowner, but the local rep said they did so with the ability to allow them future development if needed, but they have no plans for a compressor station as of now. With that being said, the well site (which is about 4400' from us...again on the same ridge) is being fracked right now. It's quite loud. Obviously there's a lot of frac pumps running on the pad unabated, and using a sound meter app on my phone (not sure how accurate it really is), it's showing about 50db in my backyard (again...I'm ~4400' away). Inside, it's about 25.

I was hoping due to my distance, the sound would attenuate more than it has. If 50db is the accepted norm for compressors at 300', I'm curious what that sounds like at 4400-4800'. If it's anything like the fracking process, I'm not going to want to live here much longer.

So what is typically considered louder? Fracking/continuous running of the frac pumps or compressor stations? Would love some insight from those within the industry.


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Scratch that. They're running it harder this morning . 65dB at 4400' and 49-50dB INSIDE. This is obnoxious. 

Matt, maybe you should consider taking your meter to an existing compressor station somewhere and measure it`s sound level.

That's a good idea.

We are about 800 ft away from a gathering station (compressor station)  as I sit here, reading this, my pictures on my wall are vibrating. Because, they are turning the valves either back on or down. I would guess down, since we are in a middle of a snow storm in Ohio.   We do not have this everyday. But, it can be very annoying. When they first put it down the road, the flame was terrible!!! it shook my house. It sounded like a jet was landing. They have that under control now. lol When they were fracking, it was super loud. I couldn't stand it. We have about 10 semis a hour going past the house.

Yes, we could sell our house. But, we love this area. Plus, we would never get what we have put into, now that it is down the road. So, if you want to sell and move, I would do it before they do anything else. Good luck.

Matt, I live pretty close (w/i 1/4 mile) of both. The fracturing trucks are way louder. I don't hear the compressor station at all. It depends alot on topography and how sounds in your area bounce around


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