Hello. Seems like everyone has been hunkered down over these past mos under the Covid 19 restrictions without much happening. Haven't seen any activity on here since Oct last year so just checking in. Seems gas prices (and royalties) have predictably gone down over the summer though I've read a few projections that they are expected to go up over the winter mos. Also read a big article that EQT is planning another brief shut down on some of their production beginning Sep 1st (which would be Nov/Dec royalties) in order to cut back on the over supply and incentivize sale prices to increase without the glut in the area. #1 sales rule in supply and demand, but of course, if its your gas they're shutting in or dialing back you feel the pinch more than others. But I suppose if it puts sales in a better position then it may well be worth it. Would just suggest being prepared. Last shut in only lasted a few wks and this is supposed to be similar. Still, for those living on their royalty income, a month or 2 without a check would be nice to be prepared for. Hope all is doing well during this ridiculous shout down and no one has gotten sick - or if they did, they have recovered. Best to all!


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