In light of the recent downturn in gas and oil prices,I see a drastic uptick in negativity and doomsday talk.
Out of curiosity,I think it would be interesting to know just how much of a stake each of us really has in this play.
Please reply with following:
Twp./County/State/#Acres/Co.leased to./drilled or not/getting royalties or not

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Whether I own minerals or not, my stake is living at a place and time where cheap energy has given us the best and most advanced civilization in human history.   Shale, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have ensured an abundant source of cheap energy for the rest of my life.  Anyone living in the US benefits from this.  In 2008 gas sold for $13/mcf.  I may not see that price again in my lifetime.  Yet that is what much of the developed world currently pays.  The poor in our country live better than the very rich 100 years ago--and much of that is due to cheap energy.

Fallowfield Twp/Washington County/67 ac/Rice Energy/Drilled/went to mkt Dec - haven't gotten 1st chk yet; due this month.

Almost forgot, also ROW sold to Rice Poseidon Midstream for 2 pipelines; temp water pipeline for fracking and gathering line to compressor station on same acreage as above/pymt received/pipeline completed and hooked in to compressor station/temp pipe removed after wells (5 laterals) completions/land returned to previous state. Very pleased with work.

Thanks so much for your info Lori, nice to get first hand info. Sounds like we are going down same path as you with Rice, but we are not yet drilled. We too have no complaint with Rice to this point. Of interest to me is the statement that they returned land back to good condition after removal of temporary line. Condition of our property is of UTMOST importance to us. We too have no deduction clause in lease, will be looking for future posts from you. O/G seem to get nothing but bad reports, your reports are encouraging and refreshing as we are leased to same company. Have actually met with and spoken to members of Rice family, have been true to their word so far. Seem like a good family to work with. Hopefully we both have the same opinion in the years to come. Best of luck to you!

Hi Lynn. Aileen Rice (Toby's wife) actually originally signed us. I like working with a smaller, family company, even though they have gone public, now. That only helps with growth and profit. Well pad is not on our land but rather behind us on a neighbor's. Our unit is pretty large but that is fine. More gas. :0) The pipeline project was pretty big and there was some opposition as a Dominion line was put in a few yrs ago and the pipeline company was a nightmare. One neighbor was very reluctant to sign but gave in. Rice (both Drilling & Midstream) seem to treat their landowners and the communities very well. As with any larger company you have to remain diligent because they are, after all, human and depts are staffed with people who can make mistakes or get overloaded, just like any other business. Rice, however, appears to make every effort to make sure things are done right and remedy what isn't. That's our experience at this point. As I said, no royalty checks yet though they are supposed to start this month. Production from our pad (with 5 wells) has been reported to the DEP so I know that the gas is being marketed and royalties should be coming as projected. As far as the Order of Division paperwork, I also know that that dept is swamped because of Rice's heavy activity (that's a good thing overall) so there has been a significant delay in getting them (they were initially supposed to be in our hands before fracking was completed, back in OCT) and that is the one thing that concerns me. They were very accommodating in sending me the info that would be ON the orders in order to calculate our correct royalty amount but all we have are the official public documents and what we've been told by the Landowner Community Relations dept, who are the designated dept to get updated information for landowners. AS far as the land repair after pipeline - they have more to do once the weather turns more fair however did as much as they could before winter weather stopped it. Roads were kept clean and free of mud and drainage, trees were cut and what we wanted to keep cut into nice logs the size we specified and stacked to the side of the right of way, and all debris and leftover branches removed. Pipeline was reseeded with extra dirt left piled next to it for settling and finish this spring. We are very pleased with their work thus far. They are currently re-doing the land and driveway around the pad, now and are doing a wonderful job. They even repaved the public road for the municipality. All in all, I have no complaints and a lot of compliments to this point. I also hope we have the same opinion in years to come. Good luck to you, as well!

Lori Huber : I wish you all the luck in the world ! God Bless

Thank you so much. Blessings to you, as well!

Center/Noble/327.27/Carrizo/Not Drilled/No Royalties. Also ROW for Leach Xpress pending.

1000 + acre landowner in Northcentral Pa
265 acres leased, not drilled, greene county, rice

29 acres in Belmont County Oh/Goshen.  RIce/Gulfport.  Wells went online in May; Receiving royalties since Sept.

Kas, can u give us an idea on how much per acre per month recieved?


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