We signed a lease for a 1280 acre pool, with the pad on our farm, back in March 2012. The pad was staked out......road tested for pavement thickness.....water wells tested......and 27 months later, nothing. Does anyone have an insight as to when Rose TWP Carroll County Ohio will be drilled?

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When they run out of acreage in Louden township.  Seriously though, they drill based on a number of things, and Rose is further from their pipeline system in the SE part of Carroll, and it's much more oily than the eastern acreage. 

If you check out on ODNR where drilling has been done in Carroll and nearby counties I think you will see a line sort of forming that they are no longer drilling much to the west of this line. The companies do not really know exactly whay lies deep under the ground until they actually do some drilling. In western Mahoning Geatches well, Western Columbiana Sanor Farms well after these were drilled they CHK did not drill any more in these areas even though they had some permits. Rose Twp is the westernmost twp in the county and I suspect that Cheaspeake does not believe drilling there at this time is profitable. There may also be issues with the technology to recover the type of oil that is deposited here in the Utica. Just my opinion formed from my observation of what CHK has done in our area of Columbiana County. Literally one well has been drilled in Columbiana County this summer and no permits issued here in months. Several pipelinesbuilt this year to hook up previously drilled wells but not much else going on here. Most activity is going on further south now.

Could it be money, financing?   BTW, a gathering line from the Salem Grubbs well if not more traverse a large swatch of eastern Columbiana.  Not to mention, Columbia gas and Hilcorp are partners and the old Brinker Storage hold a lot of paper in Columbiana.

Credentials James, the company I am with holds and manages privately, a significant amount of land and minerals across Ohio and PA.  As far south as Carrol and as far north as Mercer.  We even have interest in a Columbiana Utica well in your neighborhood.  Also, no significant acreage in Trumbull so all the BS about a ruse is a joke.  Just believe in Trumbull.  Lastly, in contract to represent Texas brokerage currently leasing in Columbiana.

Now your credentials please?

Credentials James, the company I am with holds and manages privately, a significant amount of land and minerals across Ohio and PA.  

And the name of that company is....what?

 Lastly, in contract to represent Texas brokerage currently leasing in Columbiana.

And the name of that Texas brokerage is...what?

Credentials, Ron, credentials.

"Could it be money, financing?"

No.  That's a fairly absurd question, given the circumstances.

There is NO gathering line from the Salem Grubbs well across Columbiana County. That is an ngl transport line from New Middletown to Kensington period and is mostly in Western Columbiana not eastern columbiana. FACTS PLEASE! The post was about Rose Twp Carroll County and her lease was with Chesapeake not Hilcorp. Read the post and maybe look at a map before you post more utter nonsense. Rose twp is no where near Columbiana County especially eastern columbiana. It is the western most twp in carroll county. Also the comment about credentials was on an entirely different thread. I own a business also that has nothing to do with oil and gas and that is all you need to know. You are constantly acusing people of being in the industry and plotting against the "northern utica". You are also claiming that you are in the industry because you have interest in one well. We have interest in one well too so guess we are as qualified to post as you. You have no more facts then the rest of us. Most of what you post is made up bologna. Also no qualifications are required to post on a forum like this and frankly I am sick and tired of you mistreating others on this forum. Sick of all your bs and your self serving promotion of your business. Why dont you create your own website to promote Ohio Land Management.

Thank you James! Hopefully we can get back to solid discussions on this forum. Will be difficult though with the circus constantly spewing his dis information in his double speak.

THANK YOU JAMES .....RON  THINKS HE KNOWS IT ALL BUT REALLY HE DONT NO SH-T  he just a washed up real estate salesman thinking he is in charge of a big land company and thinks he going to get rich off old clinton leases from mineral rights he bought up at sheriff sale.....getting back to rose twp. i am involved in acreage that has had a well pad completed 2 years ago and is just setting there but 1 mile south they drilled a utica that is 2 years old and still producing over 80 barrels a day and 5 million cubic feet of gas  about 2 miles east of there they drilled one about the same time and it producing 65 barrell a day and 4.5 million cubic feet of gas ............i think they are trying to figure out how to increase production per well and i am sure they have a team working to find the answer ....and i know of another pad that has set for 2 years now just outside of magnolia next to the ergon terminal ....the wells in production are the OTT and the CAIRNS....the 2 pads that are setting idle are the SILVIS and HALTER when i spoke to CHK i was told Rose twp.is on hold  

RON we are talking about western Carroll county not near Columbiana or Trumbull counties .....and that Texas brokerage  firm be best to look right past your resume 

Chesapeake happy with Ohio oil results, to drill in W. Va. for gas

By BOB DOWNING Published: August 6, 2014

Oklahoma-based Chesapeake Energy Corp. is pleased with initial test results for oil in Tuscarawas County and is planning to drill its first Utica shale well for natural gas in West Virginia’s Wetzel County.

Those were among the items that company officials discussed on Wednesday in an earning call with analysts and the media.

Chesapeake and other companies are trying to tap into the oil area in southern Stark, western Carroll and eastern Tuscarawas counties.

Chesapeake is "encouraged with what we’re seeing" in results from its Parker well in Perry Township in the southeast corner of Tuscarawas County, said CEO Doug Lawler.

The company, the No. 1 player in the Utica shale, intends to drill two to four additional oil test wells in the next six months as it tries to delineate the boundaries of the oil area, he said.

Chesapeake has between 80,000 and 100,000 acres of leased land in that area that could yield oil, he said.

He said the possibility of finding oil in "a forgotten part of the Utica and drive value for this company is really exciting for me."

Getting to the oil will require optimizing lateral placements, modifying fluid chemistry, volumes and hydraulic fracturing or fracking techniques.

The West Virginia well should be completed later this month, said Chesapeake senior vice president Chris Doyle.

The Messenger 3HU well near Wileyville is expected to be a big natural gas producer because it lies just east of Ohio’s Monroe County, a drilling hot spot for natural gas. It is Chesapeake’s first Utica well in West Virginia.

That outcome could lead Chesapeake to drill more natural gas wells in West Virginia’s Panhandle and in Ohio’s Jefferson County. Chesapeake has about 330,000 acres leased in those areas. The natural gas could be worth $4 billion to $7 billion, the company said.

Four other companies have started drilling in West Virginia’s Utica shale.

Drilling into the Utica shale in West Virginia will take longer and cost more because drillers must go deeper.

In the second quarter 2014, Chesapeake’s Utica shale production was 67 million barrels of oil equivalents per day. That was up 373 percent from a year ago and up 34 percent from the first quarter 2014, company officials said.

Oil accounted for 10 percent of the production; natural gas, 60 percent; and natural gas liquids like ethane, butane and propane, 30 percent.

The company had eight rigs working in Ohio and that will likely remain the same in 2015. It connected 48 Utica wells in the second quarter to start selling natural gas and liquids. It reported that the average peak production rate of those 48 wells was about 1,200 barrels of oil equivalents per day.

As of June 30, Chesapeake had 210 Utica wells awaiting pipelines or in the final stages of completion.

A just-opened addition to the gas-processing plant at Kensington in southern Columbiana County should help reduce that backlog of wells going into production, the company said.

The company says it has reduced costs and the time needed to drill. It also expects to start lengthening horizontal laterals to boost production.

Lawler said natural gas production in the Utica shale is likely to begin climbing sharply. His company is also exploring shipping options to send that gas to other parts of the country.

The company was hurt by the U.S. natural gas glut that dragged down prices.

Chesapeake is the No. 2 producer of natural gas in the country


Everyone is watching the "Messenger" well.  It is considered the test well for how far east the Utica is productive.


Hearing it is better than expected


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