Where is most frack water drawn from and how is it paid for?

Recently an agent for XTO told me that they will not buy water and pay for it by the gallon. They want agreements with landowners to ingress and egress over and across the property to withdraw water from the source. They would pay the landowner a yearly rental amount of money. Does anyone have experience with this?  I also would like to find an attorney in Belmont Co. experienced in water issues.

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Is the source your water? Or do they just need access to your property to get to the source ?


I'm in an XTO unit here in W. PA.  In fact, part of the fracking pond in on my property.

A large river is nearby and XTO pays two neighbors to bring a 12" temporary plastic pipeline across their property to bring water up from the river.  They have put the pipe down and took it up twice already.  I do not know what they are paying the neighbors for the right of way.


 Get an attorney for sure, there are more things to worry about besides pay. They drive through your fields, mud, snow, rain, dry, doesn't matter. They just move over and start another track. Pump boosters, if you care to put up with the noise, get paid for that, extra. Road traffic pass your house, 24/7. Dust. If your yard isn't fenced in, you will have to escort pets to the bathroom. They will throw their trash out along the road. They wanted to pay $3 a foot for 5 yrs. We got a fixed amount with 3 yr contract. If I was doing it again, it would be one yr and much more money. I wouldn't do it again. Not worth the hassle. I don't know any good attorney in Belmont or Guernsey county. Used one out of area. If they are pumping out of a creek that runs through your property, you get paid per gallon. Don't get in a rush to sign, let them look for you. Good Luck in your decision.


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