Our family has 3 leases with EQT. One lease has paid some royalties, but we don't know what dill site or sites the lease has been assigned. Are assignments recored at the courthouse, is EQT required to notify lease holders of assignments. How can we find out what wells our leases are assigned to?

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Assignments should be recorded at the courthouse. May be some delay. As I understand it, unless your lease says so, the company is not required to notify the lessor of an assignment. I am using "assignment" to mean the transferring (selling) of wells and/or leases from one company to another.

The question gets more complicated if you are trying to find out which wells you have interest in.

What state?

Hi Charles, What county and state? I can look them up fo you.

Greene County, Pennsylvania

Looking now

Left you a VM on your cell

You can get info on DEP. Your royalty statements should show the well and site IDs.


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