As Trumps King Coal buddies make their final gasps backing environmental groups litigating new legs of the transmission pipelines that will drain the Appalachia Basin into Virginia and North Carolina,  the Dems have green dreams for US energy and clean NG is needed for the transition but they don’t like fracking.  There's a lot in the mix effecting NG price today, over supply, fluctuating demand and current economic woes are just a few.  So who would have the best impact on NG price and stability over the next decade, the reds or blues?  

Rational Thoughts?

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" dreams..." is a very apt phrase.  I would look at it more as a difference between rationalism vs. idealism, but that's just me.  Others may not agree.  I also believe that the concept of a clean transition has long since fallen by the wayside; many seem to demand an abrupt end to fossil fuel usage of all kinds (including natural gas) immediately.  The realism of that demand does not seem to compute.


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