Mahoning Valley Minerals LLC is apparently offering agreements to some folks in Columbiana County.

However they are listed as a Ohio fictitious name per Bizpedia:

Registered by Spurgeon Land Services LLC, 663 Calla Rd, East Poland, OH 44514 on 2/21/14;

Who, per Bizpedia:

is registered by Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc, 2012 W 25th Street,Cleveland OH, 44113 as an Ohio foreign limited liability company for Spurgeon Land Services  LLC in Alto Texas.

Apparently they are hitting up select residents in Columbiana County through a local real estate agent or agency. Anyone hear of who the local real estate company peddling these oil and gas agreements?  I don't know if they are leases or minerals purchase agreements. So far I know of them meeting with an elderly person.  I suggest many people out there look out for our close elderly relatives to help them understand what is in documents that can be difficult to understand.  I've read about people who thought they signed leases only to find out they were really purchases that left the seller only a partial residual royalty.  Ultimately the decisions are the seller/lessor but sometimes folks just need help realizing if it's a lease or sale, or partial sale.  Legal documents can be unclear and overwhelming with legal jargon.  Having an attorney look these documents over can always help, too.  

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Whenever I hear or see anything related to minerals and Poland, OH, one name comes to mind.  It's someone who was recently booted off of this web site.

Cody Spurgeon is the registered agent for Spurgeon Land Services, per the Ohio Secretary of State business entity search.

Spurgeon is a small broker that buys minerals, presumably for an investor or investors.  

Earlier this year these guys were going by, they talked to me about a Top Lease for  a Trumbull County Lease I have. They have been on Calla Rd. ( it's a house ), since early 2014, I was there in Feb. 


663 East Calla Rd  ( Between Market St & South Ave.)

Poland, OH

Cody Spurgeon
903-721-2810 P.O. Box 934 Alto, Texas 75925

Shane T. Brockwell
903-279-4801 i P.O. Box 934 iAlto, Texas 75925


It is likely no coincidence that the wells drilled further North in Ohio have been disappointing.  The Utica is much thicker in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, and BP and Halcon had hoped this would offset the nonexistence of the Pt. Pleasant there.  So far they have been disappointed, Halcon so much so that they have abandoned their Ohio operations entirely.  Perhaps technology will be developed soon to maximize results in that area and Halcon will reappear.  Their leasehold is entirely HBP and unlikely to change in status anytime in the near future.  For now, they seem more interested in pursuing the TMS (Tuscaloosa Marine Shale).

Please be advise that to the best of my knowledge Halcon still has producing wells in Trumbull County, Ohio.

yes Halcon has producing wells in trumbull county but they have suspended forth exploration and development of any new wells 

So they have not abandoned their Ohio operations entirely as you had stated.  I think you will see them back in due time.


Have you read of the oil window butane fracturing techniques occurring in the north by EV ?

I think you have but are just ignoring it for some unknown reason.

Also, I've read here on these pages that both HK and EV have purchased some of BP's wells / leasehold acreage in the northern tier - haven't you also ?

the first attempt at butane fracking is happening in tusc. county .....far from the north 

That might change sooner than later.

Or do you somehow KNOW otherwise ?

I think you don't KNOW.
To clarify :

Earlier, just above, I wrote that EV was applying a butane fracturing technique 'in the north'.

I wrote that, since within a couple of PM exchanges I had with a good friend on GMS, we discussed his discovery of a new 80 acre lease involving a Horizontal well permit. 

The lease agreement also included a consideration for a 'pad'. 

The lease was arranged just recently and was for land 'in the north' (Trumbull County). 

At the time we also discussed the possibility of the well (when developed) as perhaps involving the butane fracturing technique.

Instead of citing the butane fracturing technique being applied by EV 'in the north' it would have been most accurate only to write it as occurring 'in the oil window'. 

Since I've learned that the EV butane fracturing 'in the oil window' is occurring in Tuscarawas County.

Looks like things ran together for me a little.

This reply corrects it to my best ability at this time.



an 80 acre well is probably a horizotal into the clinton  most all uticas take around 150 acres and water works just fine in the clinton formation 


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