I spend a lot of time researching the groups behind the articles used to attack the gas industry. I also hear about how the environmental groups and antis can't compete with the big gas companies.
Long read but interesting research done to shed some light on this subject.

Great Frack Attack-The War on Natural Gas

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Good investigative reporting, WVU78.  Add to the list of the "usual suspects" in PA - the "Big Coal" industry of WV. Nothing that could be done in the unconventional horizontal drilling (including "fracking") could ever be as destuctive and detrimental to the environment as coal has been to WV - and the planet, from it's use.  WV politicians are fighting the decline of the use of coal, tooth and nail - when they should be embracing natural gas - for the benefit of the world. They should be "re-tooling" and re-training coal mners to work in the gas industry. They should be focusing our legislation to support, control, regulate and protect our Marcellus Shale Play and natural gas industry.  They should be getting ahead of this frieght train - rather than missing the opportunity to improve the economy of WV, and the global environment...

Sincerely, Kit 

Agree, Kit.  It's sad.


The publication referred to above should be required reading for us all.  It names names of groups and their political orientations.  Having this as a ready reference guide makes it easier to tell where some of these points of view are coming from.


After clicking on the link above, I then downloaded the pdf file, which has all the good info, and printed it out as a "keeper".






Perhaps people with sour grapes??????  Or people that have never seen how clean a well site looks when the company pulls out when they are finished.  But I believe it those people that wish it was them who have a lease or property to lease. Some have property without gas rights and they are very negative about it.  It all boils down to some people can not be happy about anything and would rather continue to pay the middle east for natural resources.  Some of these people love wind mills but have no idea what powers them when the wind dies down or they go off line.  Some people just have to complain and whine instead of capitalizing on the issue.  It has been so positive here bringing jobs to all walks of life not just gas and oil.  Builders, stores, resturants, farms, road construction, truck drivers from all over the state, and all these people pay more taxes to the state and federal govt so they can spend it faster.  So maybe this will give them something else to attack but I doubt it since some people are very narrow minded and always need something to b***h about.


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