I own mineral rights to a number of wells in Green county that EQT is producing on. Can anyone give me an idea why last month EQT shows the net price they paid me for gas was $1.00 when the NASDAQ for one place never fell below $1.50 and averaged about $1.80? ? ? The previous month the net price was $1.42. Why are they selling it so low. Is it delivery problems, as I know they are trying to build a new pipeline?


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See pricing info at this site,  DTI Appalachian index (basis) is typical of SE OH, N WV, SW PA Marcellus/Utica.

Does that mean you received zero?

I have seen where the transportation, treating, etc. artifice/scam/clip costs are $1.75 per mcf.

Did you end up owing them money?

No, I still received a monetary figure, but about 1/2 of what I had been receiving. What they paid was the Net price of $1.00: 

They probably sold for $2.75 and you netted $1.00 after costs.

Netting a dollar on a sale is good for these Operators.

None of them know how to make money Operating, much less have the skill to make money operating.

To quote LBJ: That dog won't hunt.


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