Will we receive any type notification if the well under our land starts producing?

Just wondering if we will receive any type notification if the lateral well under our leased land starts producing. Supposely every thing is ready to start producing.We  are in Ohio

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We are leased with Antero (and have producing wells) and never received any notification....however, it was obvious after the fracking crews departed that the well(s) should be producing.  Only by reviewing the ODNR reports much later were we able to confirm the true date of first production.   Did we call the company during this time?   No.   If you can't stand the suspense, call them and ask.

If you can provide the name of the operator and wells if can be looked up. After completing and putting a well into producation an operator is required to provide information to the ODNR. 

One of the first documents you should get is a "Declaration and Notice of Pooled Units".  This is a legal document prepared by the producer that lists all land owners owning land within the pooled unit and their respective acreage contained within the unit.  From that information, you can determine what percentage of the production "belongs" to you.

I don't know if your lease requires the producer to automatically send you a copy of this document or not.  My lease did not require it, so I had to contact the producer (CHK) to get a copy sent to me (I'm in Harrison County, OH).  It won't tell you if the lateral is actually producing, but you will know size of unit and who the other unit land owners are.  This is good information to have in case you have any future issues with the producer.

At the same time you ask for the Declaration and Notice document, go ahead and ask if the well is in production yet and the expected distribution date of first royalties.

 Do you have pipeline in place?  no pipe =no money. a flared well is just like an empty well pad if the gas goes no where we see a lot of that in northern Pa.............


Pipeline is supposedly in place.it is with CHK.They have got permission from the State of Ohio DNR to not release any info concerning this 1 well and another well on the same pad.This seems strange>Harrison County Ohio

Willie57,  Which Harrison County well are you concerned about?

Hall Pad  well 6H  German Twp


     In Ohio you will get a Division Order 4 to 5 months after production starts. The following month you will get a Royalty Statement.

Williet57 - Check www.uslandrecords.com  If your county uses this site - this is how I found our pool unit notice in Belmont County.  I did receive a copy of this also with my initial division order paperwork but it was a couple months after i had found it on this site.  Our division orders came about a month after production actually started and the first check about a month and a half after that.     


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