Does anyone in Guernsey co. have an agreement with Wishgard llc ? Have you recieved a sign on bonus ? What is going on with their company ..... hear they are not holding up their contracts ??

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Same story everywhere W******* goes.

Not sure about Guernsey County...but it looks now like many of those in Trumbull who signed with Wishgard WILL get paid.  Problem, though, is that payment from Wishgard will come at roughly the same time (and not ALL who leased have to be accepted!) as ALOV members will get paid - and at 2300 per acre LESS than those who signed with ALOV will be getting!!!!!   For a landowner with just 10 acres, that's a $23,000 loss for going with Wishgard!!!

As has been said many times before by most on this site...NO benefit to signing with Wishgard, regardless of whatever Wishgard reps try to tell landowners...

Wishgard is interested in my land but is sounds like ALOV may be a better company to go with.  How do I get in contact with them?

Wishgard has their own website with a phone # to contact. I'll bet ALOV has the same. Are you in Guernsey Co. ? ( just curious )

Yes, in Madison Township.  We have about 30 acres and would like to find a good Land Group to join.  We think that may be better than going it a loan in getting a lease signed.

There is alot of information to be found on this site. Use the search and you will find personal experiences that others have had with the various leasing groups out there.  Also, a suggestion: do the in-depth research to find out all you can about oil and gas leasing before entering a legal agreement, especially one that may last a very, very long time. Best wishes!


just got released from there lease yesterday. along with some other people i know. they said that all there leases that have not been paid that were going to be released. the oil company that was buying there leases bought 3000 acres in guernsey. so if you get paid thats great but if you don't. i would call them and make sure they release your lease. so when they start drilling and knock on your door you will still be able to lease.

Did they let you know about the release per phone ? I would also go to the recorder's office & check it out so you will have something in writing or at least see that their name is no longer connected to your deed. Thanks for the info. You are right about being free to take another (or even a better) offer.


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