The discussion regarding the Wooley pad and landowner not cooperating is riddled with mis-information. I know, I was at the table. The land men were simply trying to get the best deal. There were several routes and offers put out. It was a matter of the bottom line and which one was most cost effective. Yes, there was discussion of some large Beech trees that are likely to be removed and we preferred that they be routed around. Due to the terrain, it does not look like they can be saved. Now the access road was not staked to come in from Blacks, that my friend is a pipeline they are boring for. As for an agreement falling through and the road returning to Blacks, first there was a discussion. Then they requested an offer. Once we submitted an offer, we heard nothing and that is how these negiotations go. It was dead quiet until a little bird told our neighbor that we were holding things up. News to us, how did you find out so quickly?

It makes me wonder who is putting this out there. Is this simply a tool to manipulate or put pressure on landowners to sign by using their neighbors.

Understand that these are big boys using all their bag of tricks. How is it that they have all this inside information? Steve, I mean Country Driver. Are we the Country and you the driver.

People in these parts prefer straight talk, keep it honest.

For those of you reading these post, beware that propaganda is very useful in getting landowners, who don't want their privacy invaded, are nothing more than a obstruction.

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Mr. Peaco sorry if you didn't like my post, and yes I was not at the table, But for the information i was getting it sounds close to what you are telling us. Thats what this site is about information to help landowners. Like us !!   But I'm telling you they where working on plan B !!!  If Peaco's didn't sign.  Hilcorp  was moving to Black Rd.

We requested plan B adamantlely and to this day we still prefer them coming in off Blacks Rd.  They told us point blank that Blacks Rd option was not workable and several times said that they were prepared to take us to arbitration if we did not agree.  Our concerns were primarily environmental and HilCorp took our concerns seriously.  I will say that we feel fortunate to be working with them.  They are the best and I know that from an other than landowner prospective.  They are professionals with a job to do.  I wish these guys were my neighbors.

It is done. Time to cross fingers that it goes safely.


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