Blessed Christmas everyone! NOT "happy holidays"!

We should use the term/word fracturing and not the media negative "fracking" on this froum.

Just as Happy Holidays is the watered down, non reflective, get Jesus out of my face words.

May Jesus bless your well, and maybe mine sometime soon!

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Agreed ..... fracturing or at the worst fracing  ..... there is no 'k' in hydraulic fracturing.


Well, of course.  But it's the same northeastern liberal fools who oppose natural gas development that also have been dishing out the PC "Happy Holidays" crapola for the last ten years.  I said "Merry Christmas" to a lot of people today.  May God strike me dead if I ever utter "Happy Holidays".  Those are words of denial, disrespect, and dismissiveness.  That's why liberals love 'em so much.  For libs, God is not in charge;  the government, run by them, is instead paramount.  For them, Christmas is a holiday without causation; it just dropped from the sky!

Happy Hanukkah to you!

He is not bringing religion into it. He is bringing the Christ Jesus into it. Two totally different subjects. One is the attempt by humans to subjectize and categorize different spiritual world views. The other is the truth, the way and the life. Patrick, thanks for the reminder. I continue to wait in Perry County for the shale movement to get here. Would much rather have HE get here. Merry Christmas to all.
Lol. That was funny. Thanks for your sense of humor.

Happy Hanukkah to you!


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