Workshop for Landowners & Communities - OSU Extension; Cambridge, OH 11/10/2012

Educators/Specialists holding workshop to discuss development, resources, and impacts on landowners and communities.  Educational booths and OSU educators on-site.  Workshop details/registration form attached.  $10.00 registration cost.

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I have been reading about these workshops which have the same content and are being presented North and South of Columbiana County. I missed the presentations when they were in this area. I was wondering if anyone has a transcript or material used for the presentations. If so could you let me know where to call or a website to go to.

It doesn't make sense to drive a long distance to hear information that I could read if a write up is available.

If not, then I could always car pool up to Jefferson OH to see the presentation that is being presented soon. I would like to minimize my carbon footprint if possible. If not, let the carbon spew! I have several gas guzzlers.

Ron; this workshop is being held in Cambridge, OH, off Rt. 70.  Is that convenient for you?


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