In Jefferson County, PA, XTO just recently drilled a Utica well on the Winslow pad just south of Reynoldsville.   Anyone have any news on the current status of this well?   Any production results yet?

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Hasn't come online yet. Looks like they are targeting all the way down to the Trenton at 14,000 ft based on the permit.

Thanks!  I think they targeted several shale layers for exploration but Utica was to be the zone for the horizontal lateral.   Is that what you know, too?  Has the well been fracked yet?   Do you know if this gas from the Winslow pad goes south to the DTI line in Big Run?

Anything new with this well?  Has it been fracked?  Are additional wells planned for this pad in 2018?

Anyone know what the pipeline situation is on this well.  Looks like the production is 13-14 MMcf/d flat for the last few months.  Curious if it is pipeline restricted at all or if they are flowing at desired rates?

Several years ago a pipeline was built from the area near Winslow to the DTI pipeline near Big Run.   The pipeline crossed Rte. 119 over to the connection point with DTI off Lipp Road.  I think the pipe size was 10" or 12" in diameter.   These are the DTI pipelines that head to the northeast to the Renova storage field.   XTO has been applying for and receiving more Utica well permits for what appears like 3 pads at the Winslow site.   I don`t know if this is a dedicated pipeline for a single gas company (XTO) or available for other tap-ins, too.  Maybe someone else may have that information.   XTO seems to be happy with their Utica results in southern Jefferson County.

What are realistic production volumes for north central PA Utica wells in Jefferson, Elk, Cameron & Clearfield counties?  I don`t suppose they will match SW & NE PA wells....

Considering the CNX Utica wells in Westmoreland County, which are slightly longer in lateral length, hovered around 20-30MMcf/d during their first  months of production it does appear the Utica may degrade a bit as you move north.  It is still very early to say for sure as there is always a steep learning curve in the beginning of any play and the wells may have different decline profiles depending on area.  It is encouraging to see XTO permit two pads of Utica wells directly offsetting this well.

Old Timer -  what problems did they have with the curve?  Have you ever heard of fracking the curve?  Could their problems with the curve have resulted in reduced production?

Thanks OT, have you ever heard of a gas company experimenting with fracking the curve?   If so, what impact did it have on  well production or creation of problems?  

OT - another question for you...what is meant by the PA DEP description, "Alt. Method of Equipping, Casing, or Venting Well"?   What would a gas company do to a well by applying for this permit?   Thanks

I don`t believe so.   I saw this notice for the CNX Nardell wells near Big Run in Jefferson County.   Hopefully this isn`t a precursor to plugging operations.

Anyone noticing the recent increase in XTO pad permits in Armstrong, Jefferson & Clearfield counties?   Is XTO taking a new look at Central PA?   How stable is XTO as a company right now?


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