Xto leases are ending soon

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allot of leases are ending soon it been 5 years since the big landman rush all over Ohig and West Virginia My lease with SWN was renewed in December and my lease in Ohio renews in August...SWN as the same terms as the first 5 years no word from CHK at this time  but I expect a offer from C HK anytime now wanting to chang  e lease bonus terms  but if that happens a few other terms will change for my benefit

Consider using the adjectives "many" or "numerous" for the indefinite.

Use of "a lot", which you  misspelled, is considered a solecism by educated people.

Oh, did you know you have an extra space between the words you and misspelled?  Thought you would want to know!


I did know that.

Didn't care.

Thanks for the observation, which I'm sure was made with the best of intentions

It's always a pleasure when we get a glimpse of your profound insight, especially regarding oil and gas.

Your insight was much better?

Of course your comment was much more useful.

No one understood the spacing rule until you cleared it up.

Actually, you made a mean spirited remark which helped no one. 

I was trying to give some writing advice to help an important, frequent contributor.

There is a big difference between our contributions.

sorry U didn't KNoW I was in grammar class .......all I can say is if you don't like my grammar don't read me......PAW

You're both very classy people,

you are thanked LOL



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