I posted this question in the Tioga County forum but didn't get many responses.

Shell is in the process of buying quite a bit of property here in northern Butler County and the surrounding areas. I was looking for any feedback regarding your experiences in dealing with Shell. from Initial negotiations to how they conducted the drilling/fracking operation to pipelines to finally getting some sort of royalty income. Whatever. So far I haven't heard a whole lot of negative stories with them as with other companies. Are they one of the better companies here at the moment or are they just big enough to pay people to keep their mouths shut?

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i personally have not seen or heard of Shell doing a lot of drilling in PA, or OH.  I know the are acquiring a lot of acreage, but in terms of prudently developing acreage within the Marcellus or Utica i have not heard much. 

would be interested to here of anyone collecting royalties from Shell at this time, and where?

Last I heard was shell was starting to drill their first well up in Cherry Township/Butler County.  So it's doubt full that anyone is getting royalties as of yet in Butler again from what I have heard.  However has anyone received the bonus money as of yet after the 90 day bank draft etc...?

I have spoken with several friends who signed with Shell in Butler vicinity who have some concerns about getting paid as their "due dates" are nearing and they have not heard a word from anyone at Shell.



They shouldn't need to hear from Shell - as long as they put their draft in the bank the 90 days starts from that date and the funds should be put into their account/bank.  The only contact should be once drilling starts in their area and or they can call the land guy that signed them up. Please post once someone has accually been paid to be sure Shell is honoring their leases.  Don't see why they wouldn't honor the payment but stranger things have happened.

My 90 days will be up soon.  I called the Butler Office, they pulled my name,

and informed me as of the date that the funds will be released.

It is after the 90 banking days, but will only be by 8 days, as long as the

date that was mentioned to me is true.....Will know in 20 more days (non-banking days)

...yes, I did receive my bonus money within 90 BUSINESS/BANKING days after signing (Northern Butler County).  My brother-in-law also received his bonus money within 90 days. Although you do not need to, you can call the main office in Butler towards the end your 90 day cycle just for an update.  Also I am hearing that soon they may not want to acquire any more leases in that area.


Shell bought East resources so any of their wells are now Shell wells, this includes the patterson well in Lawerence county.  

Shell will be buidling the cracker plant so I would assume that they want to have as much production from their own wells as possible to feed this plant.   Since they are a large company, I think they will try to do things the right way. 

One thing I do not like about the shell lease is that they want 1280 acres in their pools.   One drilled well in this pool can hold all of that acreage by production. 

Is that not "max" on 1280 acres.  Could be 400!

Yes it is, Terry, at least in my lease it is.

Right , Terry........max on my lease is 1280 also but who knows how low they may go. Look at the small units in Ohio , for example.

I signed with Shell.  I'm in Irwin Township, Venango county, PA on the border of Butler county. My 90 days is no where near close to being up.  I should be paid by the beginning of April.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review ran a story about the one or two billion dollar ethane cracking plant Shell wants to build either here in PA or in neighboring OH or WV. I believe the story stated construction would begin in 2012 and that they wanted to decide a location before 2Q2012. Regardless of where they build it, I know a company doesn't spend billions of dollars on such a plant only to watch it sit idle.  Once this plant comes online, I suspect those of us holding Shell leases will begin to see things catch fire.  Even if natural gas prices remain low, the ethane will retain its value since it is used to produce ethylene, a major ingredient for the plastics industry.


I am signed up with Shell and got my bonus @82 banking days.

Now have a new Tacoma 4x4 pickup in the driveway and going tonight to buy  a new 700 Grizzly....hear that power steering is a good feature!

My experience thus far has been AAA+++. Todd Scott at the New Castle PA (Lawrence County) land office was extremely helpful and kept me well informed of my lease's progress throughout the process. If your reading this : Thanks a million Todd.

Here in Lawrence County PA , Shell has the Patterson site with a Marcellus and a Utica well done and ready to turn in line plus 3 more permits for this site. Up the road they are preparing the Kephart {Gateway} pad. There are at least 2 more locations in the County being prepared/drilled as we speak , in addition to the Patterson and Kephart. More to follow I'm sure.

I have heard of no complaints in my area thus far and really don't expect to. I have been told Shell is sensitive to landowners needs and concerns and so far that has held true around here.

Of course , I can only speak of my own experience , but so far so good!




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