I posted this question in the Tioga County forum but didn't get many responses.

Shell is in the process of buying quite a bit of property here in northern Butler County and the surrounding areas. I was looking for any feedback regarding your experiences in dealing with Shell. from Initial negotiations to how they conducted the drilling/fracking operation to pipelines to finally getting some sort of royalty income. Whatever. So far I haven't heard a whole lot of negative stories with them as with other companies. Are they one of the better companies here at the moment or are they just big enough to pay people to keep their mouths shut?

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We took the lease to an attorney and they added about 2.5 pages of addendums that Shell accepted. I grilled the attorney for an hour with questions. Got my $250 worth!! The attorney said many people just come in and say where do I sign with no questions whatsoever. In the end Shell holds the cards and you have to realize that going into this. Everyone has to make their own decision.

Amen!!!!  The landowner knows best, this is what I have been screaming from the day I first heard of the Utica.  Pay only for the services needed and never let anyone tell you what to do with your dirt.


We have been approached by Shell.  It sounds like you've found an effective, reasonably priced attorney to review your lease.  Would you mind providing his or her contact info?


Yeah, we'll be the highest paid slaves in history! Haven't seen any chains attached to my new Tacoma or Grizzly but I"ll call them Massa as long as they keep torturing me with cash! LOL!

Hi Klix, I am working on a lease with shell.   I have 50 acres in southern Venango County.  Would you be willing to share with me some of the addendums that you got from shell.   I sent you a friend request, we can talk off line if you like.  Thanks   Mark

If Hilcorp is leasing in your county, PM me and I will have them call you.


BTW, Shell is a good company too.




Ron, I do not think hilcorp is leasing in my area, Shell and Seneca are the big players and it is mostly shell.   Thanks   mark

Todd Scott is an astute representative of Shell.


Bank called early this afternoon.  The tooth fairy laid a big fat egg

in my bank account today.  Was 86 banking days....

Picking up my new car on Saturday.

Making arrangements for a month to Florida for February.

Have you seen the weather down there,  absolutely beautiful...


Great news Terry! Congrats and God Bless!

Just a small sample of what's in store buddy!


Ron - Can you provide me with Todd's phone number?

Hello Folks - I am new to all this shale gas stuff, but I have 31 acres of cleared land on the ouskirts of Johnstown, Pa and was wondering if any of the landmen would would be interested in leasing it for drilling.

Can someone provide me with a name and phone number that I could call? 

Thanks for your help!



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