hey yall as promised i would post numbers if i ever got drilled .

Unlike the cowards on here. who are worthless and good for nothing.

well my first check i got like $785 .  my second check for jan is  doubke that about $1600/acre. i have no idead what im looking at  but it for NG gas only.  wow cant imagine if oil was worth anything too.  i have to say im pleasantly surprised. I was surprised with the $785  this month i was like wow. shit i got friends with 100 acres. they must be rolling in it. yet there house stlll looks like from the 70's

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Congratulations! make sure to save some to pay property taxes on the eventual increase in assessment. Might not be big increases.

what the heck.its miles underground .what that have to do with property value?

In West Virginia, there is a tax on oil gas and mineral rights. If you own the surface also, it is figured in. When a well is produced and the royalty is being paid, the well operator reports this amount to the state property tax department who reports it to the county assessor who adjusts the value of that property and then eventually the tax is increased. Some states don't tax like this. All I know is WV. Anyway, glad for you that you are getting some money from your well. It is a good thing!

Phew.... im in  Eastern By God Ohio!

A great State! both my parents are from there. One from Eastern Ohio!

Thank you for posting. If I get drilled I will also post

Congratulations!  Taxes or not put some money back and save when you can.

We received our first check as well a few days ago. Typing on my phone so I won’t go into much detail here, but it was for the first 3 months production and the property, about 40 acres, is split between 2 different well legs. After averaging all 3 months (Aug, Sept,Oct) the average per month/acre was about $445. The gas price averaged $1.82; hopefully this will increase in the coming months. I’ve sent an email to the owner relations asking about the gas price, mostly just curious because one “operator” has 2 prices listed per month with a portion of the total production allotted to each price. I suspect one is spot price and the other a locked in futures price, but I don’t know that for certain. The overall operator is Southwestern, though the production report is labeled as, and split between, Eclipse and Triad Hunter who are now subsidiaries of Southwestern.
So Adam, what gas prices are you seeing listed for those two months/checks? All gas or any liquids? Thank you for sharing this info and I be sharing more myself later. I created my own Excel spreadsheet to plug some of the production report info into, just to arrange it differently and mire easily see average gas prices, production, and net per acre/month as time goes on.

one of the 3 wells i am in, give you an idea on monthly productivity

hello. hilltop, I believe im only getting paid for natural gas. Ill post the actual slip tonight. all the sales were in sept.both the checks i got were for September.

here ya go.  The company surveryed and it was  alot less ;and than on my deed.Is that normal??? i believe this statement is for 1.3 acres

  Don't know about the survey, but with more accurate technology nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if their calculation of acreage was off a bit from what your deed says, it is on my lease/statement vs deed. Also, maybe, your parcel isn't 100% inside the unit; maybe a corner or such is outside the unit boundary and therefore they're paying for a little less than your full parcel? You'd have to look at a detailed unit map to know that. You should probably have gotten that with the application for unitization paperwork that the driller filed with the state before drilling began, assuming you were provided a copy.

  As for the statement, that looks like 2 months to me (Sept. Oct) but I could be wrong. They don't make these statements very user-friendly it appears, mine has the same info but it is laid out differently, and still confusing. If that is for 1.3 acres as you say, and presuming 2 months production; that net $1,572.43 check translates to $604.78 acre/month (correct me if I'm wrong). Looks like you got a little better price on the gas than I did, $1.94 & $2.25. Hopefully we'll all see that go up through the winter month statements.


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