What do you all think about this deal with Antero.  There is a signing next week involving several townships.  somerset, warren, wayne, union, flushing, kirkwood, and goshen.  Does the utica landowners group get money per acre from the 5700?  Im wondering if they are using this big signing to only cherry pick the ones they really want.  I would like to find a company that is gaurenteed to pay instead of forcing us to wait several months and then have to be released because of nonpayment. 

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Antero filed my release of the 5th. Today I received a letter from them that we were released. Good luck, I hope they pay.

Just curious why some landowners did not go with the Smith-Goshen group?

They released my 5 parcels Feb1, received letter today with copy of release.  What a shame to wait 5 months and get dropped specifically after I asked them if they were going to cherry pick. They stated they wanted everything they could get! 

Who is "They"? Antero or ???

Antero thats the heading on this discussion

I know that. The response about being released was in a thread that was about the Smith-Goshen group so I wanted it made clear that the releasing was being done by Antero, not the company who leased Smith-Goshen.

The landmen will always tell the landowners they "wanted everything they could get!".

If you don't mind me asking where were your parcels located (township?) and how much land was involved? just trying determine which area they're focusing their sites on....

Union, Flushing, Mead.  I figured they would not want Mead but with well in Egypt Bottom I thought they would pounch on Union

I was a member, but it just didn't seem  they were getting anywhere. I guess I made a mistake. I wonder if Rice will cherry pick.

I also don't believe they will sign any more acreage "just to take acreage". Part of what S-G wanted was an "all or none" offer, and because of the board's hard work, the amount of producible acreage (ready made drilling units), and the group's patience, we got that. If your acreage is located such that it is an asset to what Rice has already signed, then I believe they will want to deal with you. If it is non-contiguous to what they already have, I think they would be foolish to sign you.

If you had stayed with S-G, you would have a deal that didn't allow them to cherry pick without compensating you for it. The fact that they were willing to include that in the offer tells me they are very serious about producing our acreage.

   The term "Cherry Picking" I really don't agree with 100%. A O&G company can not simply start writing checks to every landowner that wants to cash in on a lease bonus. I wouldn't call it "Cherry Picking" if you had say 200 acres and you thought it had more oil than Alaska and a O&G company ran title search and found your land was isolated by your neighbors HBP land, current lease with another company, neighbors no surface use clause and the list goes on.

  We as land owners for the most part consider our property our business.  Likewise unless we know what our neighbors business is to blame the O&G companies for not leasing our property is rather  making them a scapegoat for something that they can not  control.


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