Belmont County. In Belmont County, there were 16 permits issued for oil or gas wells in the Utica/Point Pleasant shales in November 2017. Nine of the permits were for sites in Goshen Township — six for legs of the “Del Scorcho” well site; two at the “Walking Tall” well and one at the Iron Warrior. Drilling has commenced on five of the permits.

Five permits were issued to Ascent Resources Utica for well sites in Wheeling Township, three at the R. Hoover wells and two at the Pang wells. Drilling is underway on all five permits.

There were two permits issued in November in Washington Township, both to Gulfport Energy Corp. for the “Horseshoe” well. Drilling is underway on one of the legs.

An additional 12 permits were issued in December. Gulfport Energy Corporation received six of those permits, four for the Dornon wells in Smith Township, and two for the Horseshoe well in Washington Township.

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Hi Keith
Does your crystal ball say anything about the chances of Ascent renewing leases this year in Pultney Township.

I wonder if they Ascent will try to keep the leases going by saying they are testing

Due to a lack of response, I will respond to myself.

Yes, Brett. Ascent did renew your lease. in January of 2018, 8 months ahead of time.


Now, I will thank myself for responding. Thanks, Brett

????? what brett are you losing your mind talking to yourself?lol. thats nice you got renewed. im in pultney too but i didnt get renewed

iron warrior is producing.


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