When will the edge pad be put into production?

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We have received one check for May so far and it is better that the rest, June and July will be a lot better.


Thanks for the information.

Does anyone know if gulfport has increased production on the edge pad?

I will let you know in the next couple weeks , when we see the $$$ again ?


Thanks for information, will be waiting on your post.

Hey Dale,
Is the pay getting better with gas prices continuing to rise. Can you tell if they increased production

Sorry to say ,'' NO '' on both counts ? GP stayed the same and Rice was less in $$$ by about 10% ?  I haven't quite got the handle on it yet ?

Dale thanks for update, hopefully money will get better as time moves on.
That stinks . what is the price ur getting now?


Are you on the edge pad? We are getting $1.23

No n Monroe co.
If u don't mind how much acre


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