We didn't receive a check from Gulfport in July so I called. Was told that after receiving these royalties for the past three years it was discovered by their landman that we were not entitled to the royalties because of the Dormant Land Act of 2016.

We never received any info from Gulfport or any explanation.  In 2014 we filed an Abandonment of Rights for our acreage and no one responded.  We were told by the attorney that filed for us that we were indeed entitled to the royalties.

Anyone have this experience or have any advice on how we should proceed?

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I will simply wish you good luck with however you decide to proceed.  Currently Belmont County is a mess in terms of the DMA rulings from the courts.  Anyone in either the Hogston and/or the Eisenhower units will attest to that.  Gulfport has been forced to reevaluate entire units because of DMA rulings, filings, and complications.  I would try contacting Gulfport to see exactly what ruling/information was found that affected your check.  

You will most likely have to file a quiet title action in court to resolve the matter. You will need to have an attorney represent you.   I have heard others in similar situations.   Most likely Gulfport went out in search of historical mineral owners and leased or purchased their rights.  

Any updates from Gulf Port?

Any updates on this?


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