Pictures taken Labor day 2014

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Here is a picture of the Lepley Pad being cleaned up.

Drill rig is now in place. I will have pictures after the weekend.

Can't wait to see 'em! This is the smaller rig that drills the vertical, correct? Have you heard if they plan to drill all 6 before moving on to the next location?

Hoping that rig goes directly from the Lepley pad to the Edge pad as soon as Lepley is finished.

Too much traffic to get a closer picture. I will be up there again in about three weeks. There are signs for well pads that are not on the Ohio DNR map yet. They are paving the rest of Pugh Ridge Rd this week.

Which way on Pugh Ridge are they paving? I was there a couple weeks ago and I thought Pugh Ridge was already all new paved from 556 north to the Lepley pad? Are they paving beyond Lepley towards Alledonia? If so, that would seem to indicate another pad north of Lepley, accessed off Pugh Ridge.

They are paving almost all the way to the hill down to Armstrong Mills. I asked if they are paving the hill, and they said it is too steep, but they may rework the road and pave it as well. Judging from the stakes, it looks like another pad will be built near the end of the paving. There is also supposed to be a pad just off of McGary Road at the top of the hill. There are pipeline stakes leading to it. The property owners do not know of a time table yet.

Wow this one is close to my property!  How and when are the production unit landowners notified?  Thanks for the pictures 

You go to the Ohio DNR site and click on the well and look at the well summary report link. The Plat Map has a chart and shows which land owners are a part of the drill unit and how many acres that you have in the unit. below is the link to the Lepley Well details.

This is a really helpful link.  Thanks for posting. Unfortunately this is really bad news for me.  I am in between the Edge and the Lepley Pads.  

Did you look at the edge plat map?


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