So I've been away from GMS since they switched up the websites. I'm glad it's been returned to "normal"!

I've also noticed that there has been no discussion about any activity in Belmont County. Is the exploration/leasing/drilling all finished here? Are leases being renewed?

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I've been away for a few months but over the last year south of I70 has been extremely active with drilling and other companies have been actively trying to get us to sign a better lease after our first lease was left to expire. The bonus is better but after the last few years of decreasing royalties we haven't decided if we want the potential surface activity.


You can try adding a non surface lease to the discussion. LewPa

Parts of the county are; parts aren't.

My part of the county, south of I-70 far east, lease offers are few and the last amounts I heard were fairly low, $700 - $1,000/ acre for 3 to 5 years, with some rumors they would drop the lease after 1 or 2 if they didn't drill.

Note that these are 2nd hand; I haven't been directly involved in any discussions yet.

Nothing new happening in Belmont County in a year now?


We received what I think were called orders for wells in Belmont county earlier this year. One was called the Keller and the other Sturratt maybe? Actually it was the latter part of last year. Anyways we then received orders or something to that effect saying that we were in a well unit. Then things got quiet and a month or so ago we received a letter from ODNR saying that there was not enough participation and no wells would be drilled? Not sure of the oil/gas lingo. Naturally we are disappointed but not really sure what happened between November2017 and a few months ago

Who is the producer?


I didn't get a chance to reread the last letter from ODNR but I believe it said something about not enough participation? Does that sound right? I just assumed everyone inside the map of the layout of the well was signed/leased

With Encino Energy buying Chesapeake assets, does anyone know if more leasing/drilling is on the horizon or is it pretty much finished for our area?

Word is; Encino will be drilling out the permits that Chkp. had scheduled, then start drilling their own .they plan on having 2/4 rigs going, so no; they are not done, maybe just getting started with the 2 cracker plants coming.

That’s an encouraging word

Greetings All!

I hope everyone is safe and well and making it through this unprecedented time

Do any of you have any insight on Encino renewals in Belmont County later this year?


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