Wassman pad located on winding hill rd.
Miller pad located off of 147 both outside bellaire.
Xto has been working on them for a couple months now.

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There are three more XTO wells to be put in in the same vicinity:  Violet well and Hurst well (both on McClainsville Rd) and Belmont Marietta B well (somewhere close north of this road but not sure of the exact location).  I've received survey notification letters about the Hurst, Miller, and Marietta B units; I hope that means that I might be included in one or more of those units.  I found out that, of my 12 acres, only 1/2 acre is probably in the Hurst unit.  I sure hope that one or both of the others include the rest of my property --- fingers crossed.  They are widening my road and, for the past month, there have been about 50 dump trucks a day going to the Violet property.  Very busy.  And noisy and dusty.    

I checked with XTO - I am in Wassman Unit B - happy about that.  

Renee, can you tell me how to contact XTO to see if I'm in any of the units? 

I called their office in Warrendale, PA and left a voicemail for a guy.  I just explained what I was checking on and gave him my parcel number - Belmont, Mead township, etc.   He left me a voicemail back and gave me the info - very nice guy.   Phone was 724-772-3500.

Thank you so much.  I'll call and see if they'll give me the information.

My call was finally returned.  Good news -- 10 of my 12 acres are in a unit, and possibly another acre or less in another.  I was told that the well pads are done for a couple of the units.  The Hurst Unit (which doesn't include me) is "on hold" for some reason.  The Belmont Marietta B (Barrick), Violet, and Miller units should be paying royalties a year from now.  I was also given some figures about what to expect in terms of royalty money for the first few years of production.  But that all remains to be seen, as far as I'm concerned......

Good for you Renee! Thanks for the number I will have to give him a call.
I still haven't heard anything. I call number and talk to Mr. Kern and he emailed my information to office in texas. Good for you Elsie!

I can see the Miller pad across the valley from me; I haven't been affected by the traffic. Oddly enough, my property is unleased and they have not shown interest in leasing it.

Violet pad has a drill on it, has been there for a few weeks at least.

So anyone know a status of these wells?   I see the pipeline crossing Winding Hill road heading towards the Wassman pad.   I suspect it will hook up and then go directly down the river to Dominion plant - BUT, then who knows??   Seems like XTO is about the only one still working alot.   Maybe it's my location and they are all I see.   

I Heard XTO is finished with wassmann pad. Unfortunately I do not know the any results. Miller pad the rig is going to be up there in the spring.That was the last I heard. But we will see.


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