We have some sizable acreage in southern Clinton county not too far from Loganton.  Is anyone aware of any gas company who is purchasing leases in that area and if so, what they are paying per acre?



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We also own 85 acres in Loganton. I haven't heard of anything happening in that area yet. If you hear anything, please leave me know.



I see no recent activity on the Clinton Co site. Is there any leasing/drilling activity in Clinton Co? Have the wells drilled there been productive or have the drilling companies pulled out?

Anadarko, Ultra, Enerplus remain active in Clinton County.

Enerplus has drilled some wells but they remain behind piple awaiting P/L. The wells they have drilled are "rumored" to be very good.

Interesting to note that Anadarko has some pretty impressive Geneseo Wells that they have drilled in the NE part of Clinton!


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