CGGVeritas was by yesterday. They offered $5/acre to map the property for potential future drilling activities. I just thought it was interesting that they offered Haynesville TX folks $25/acre.

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Its also very interesting that gasoline in some parts of this country is around 3.39 and others, still 4.07.    You can not compare what Company X is paying in Texas, you must compare it to what they are paying in your area.  If all they are doing is laying lines and data receivers, there will be no damage to your land, just something that looks like an orange electric cord.  Also, depending on how much land you own, there may only be one or two lines on your property.  If they are going to set up a helicopeter launch pad and set off 100 blast holes, then it may be different.   Try for higher....but if they are just walking your property, its more than youll get paid by someone trespassing or hunting.

Data collection is key as to where the highest concentrations are located.  If you hope to have your property drilled, it would not be best to hold out for big money on a data collection, chances are they will just bypass your property, and exclude you from other future offers.

I received a similar letter.  There are several things to keep in mind I believe.  First is Marcellus is a much bigger play than Haynesville however, gas prices are significantly different now.  With gas prices down, they'll want to verify their returns prior to large $ investments.  Secondly the "C" counties are known as dry gas counties which is not as profitable for the gas companies but the infrastructure is better in place for dry gas.  The investment is currently being made for the natural gas liquids (or "wet" gas) infrastructure and once that's in place, the C counties will lose their place in line.  They'll still be in line....just a longer wait.


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