Pennsylvania, Lycoming County, $900 bonus, 16%, 5 years

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what twp. are you in.


Hi Gary,

Pine twp near Texas, did not take offer as they would not accept "no deductions from royalties". It was from Anadarko. Shell is also in the area but have not heard from them in two years.

pine twp. near texas where is texas in lycoming counyy


Traveling about 1-2 miles north on RT 287 from ski sawmill is the county line with Tioga. Make a right turn, Brand new road (compliments of Anadarko), then take the immediate right fork, less than 2 miles at bottom of the hill is Texas. Or follow the Texas Creek north from Texas Blockhouse, and its less than a mile from their northern property line. It only consists of about 5 seasonal homes. Not all Pa maps list it. Due north from there about 2 -3 miles is the town of Nauvoo in Tioga county. 

thanks for the info i know where you are now i talked to anadarko on march 7 and they told me they won't be drilling our area in mchenry twp. but they will be back in the future but don't know exactly when.


Mark,have you received any new offers from the last time you posted?I have not been able to get the enhancement clause out either,and my neighbors around me have already signed, with the clause in their contract,and now I hear there is a law of capture,or rule of capture,Where they can frac and still get the gas out.


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