I hear of landowners grating ROW at 100 Ft, gets  clear cut, pretty messy.

If you say 5) ft only will they accept?

Other than the Transco are any pipes in Lycoming subject to eminent domain?  


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They just finished 3700ft long at 60ft wide feeder line for Anadarko on me. They hauled all stumps away, set logs to the side. Now seeded with grass and deer feed, growing and looks beautiful FACT..... If your approached just make sure u put in the contract what U WANT. They also stoned my road to my place they used while doing the job. Couldn't be more pleased.

No rights of eminent domain; only the government can play that card.  If a pipeline goes across your property (like Transco), then they have rights via some agreement signed by you or some previous landowner.  Ours is under a 99 year lease from sometime in the past.  When they come in to do something to the right of way, they have been very courteous (Transco or Sun).

hear 100 while building the line,  50 post construction.

? interstates, Clinton Cnty has several.


FERC check  with them re other lines. 


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